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Pure instict embodied in a very young enterpreneur, fond of design.

Leonardo Marcato received his ‘education’ in the company founded by his grandfather and managed by his uncle and father: since he was a child he was surronded by ideas, he saw new talent, he developed an understanding of wood, and learnt about its various properties and its characteristics.

Above all, he was able to recognise and understand the value of quality, as well as the need and importance of innovation. This allowed the company to travel along a path of discovery, creating  unique pieces of furniture.

This is where instinct is born: in the ideas, drawings and projects; in the attention to the aesthetic design – the smoothness of corners and lines; in the materials chosen; in our respect for the environment; in the employment of cutting-edge technical solutions.

We create objects that are not simply functional, but are also aesthetically pleasing. They are based on a well-defined concept: ‘elegance with lightness’.