Testata ecologia
logo_alberoEnvironmentally sustainable wood
We use only recyclable wood and with no emissions, according to European regulations.
Reduction of transport pollution
Our products are shipped directly from the factory to the end customer without additional steps.
Production site
We have simplified the production, indeed the final product is realized in a single plant.
Water-based coatings
We only use water-based paints without harmful solvents for the environment.
Without glues products
There are no synthetic glues, because our products don’t have edging or veneer.
Environmentally friendly packaging
Our products are packaged with 100% recyclable material.

The focus to the environment is a key value for us.
It is a real, constant and renewed commitment, year by year, product by product, to the level of becoming a recognizable trait of additional quality of our design.
We know that respect the environment means respect ourselves, therefore our production process is based on this worth, for example in the choice of the wood: it is 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable.

We converted to renewable energy 100% of our coating system, according to the continuous evolution based on improving. This change has also allowed us to increase the quality of the final product, replacing the traditional method of oxygen painting with a most innovative nitrogen system.

All our lacquered products, in order to have a low environmental impact, are made with water-based coatings, free of solvents. In this way are able to avoid the emission of volatile organic substances, which are harmful to the environment.

Respect for the environment combined with the clean search of innovation.
This is our challenge for the next years, because we want to keep our company at the forefront in the environment respect.