Pre-contractual information


In compliance with the provisions published in the Official Journal 58/2014, Legislative Decree 21/2014, all pre-contractual information is detailed in the paragraphs below:

Identity of the vendor: MarcatoPorte S.n.c.
Address: Via I. Nievo 22-24, Camposampiero, 35012 (PD)
Telephone no.: +39 049.5790169
Fax no.: +39 049.9301880
E-mail address:
Customers may use the above contact numbers/ address for any queries and/or complaints they may have.

Product Features:

Every product sold in the store is accompanied by a full description. If the customer finds it incomplete, he or she may ask for further information indicating the product in which he or she is interested.

Price of the Goods:

The price of every article is clearly shown, inclusive of VAT.
Articles with a different configuration or vary form the standardised product, have any difference in price clearly indicated, and accord to the selected changes.

Payment Methods:

Possible Payment Methods:

  • Bank trasfer
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Postepay

Means of Execution:

Each order will be considered as valid only after the payment has been authorised.

Means of delivery:

The delivery of our products includes certain precautions, necessary to guarantee that the product is delivered to the customer in perfect condition, free from damage.

A series of precautions and a code of behavior has been adopted for the delivery process. Customers are also provided with information that allows them to track the shipment of the goods. These safeguards provide the customer with a 100% guarantee that the goods will arrive free from any possible damage.

Transport fees are clearly shown before the order has been completed. They depend on the volume and the weight of the purchased item and on its destination.

The standard delivery is by road to the nearest point to the customer’s house, that can be reached by the courier.

Delivery to an address which is on a floor of a building other than the ground floor is subject to certain conditions, such as the presence of a sufficiently large elevator or lift, and will require the active collaboration of the consumer with the driver in charge of the delivery.
For deliveries that are different from the standard one (such as a difficult location, the need for extra manpower or assembling), it is possible to request further services for which a quote will be calculated and communicated before the order has been completed.

Risk Liability

In case of purchases in which the delivery is organised and at the expenses of the vendor, the risk of loss or damage to the goods is the responsibility of the vendor until the consumer has taken physical possession of them (This is defined as happening at the point at which he or she signs the receipt given to them by the courier at the time of delivery). This is why the customer needs to pay particular attention when accepting delivery of the good. Furthermore, in order to provide a higher level of safeguards for our customers, our Customer Care Department contacts the customer before the delivery to advise him about what to do when dealing directly with the courier.

The customer may decide to make their own arrangements for the collection of the goods. In this case, the risks related to the transport of the goods are entirely the responsibility of the customer.

Delivery Times:

Each standard product requires a delivery time of up to a maximum of 15 working days, except in cases of force majeure. If owing to adverse conditions the delivery time cannot be met, Designmarcato will immediately inform the customer, who can, if they wish, cancel the order and have an immediate refund of the total amount he or she has already paid. With regard to customised products or exceptional items that need a longer preparation time, delivery terms will be clearly communicated to the customer who will then be able to decide whether or not to confirm the order.

Correct Use and Maintenance of Products

If not specifically indicated, the customer will be able to find further details about the correct use and maintenance of the purchased objects in the relevant section of the help page, below. Customers should note that particular attention should be paid to avoiding the use of chemical products.

Right of Withdrawal

The customer has a right of withdrawal that he or she can exercise within 14 days after he or she has acquired physical possession of the goods. By exercising the right of withdrawal, it is not compulsory for the customer to provide a reason for this decision. The cost of returning the goods in the case of withdrawal will be charged to the consumer exercising this right.

Before the possibility of withdrawal expires (14 days after the purchase of the good), the consumer must inform the vendor about his or her decision to exercise the right of withdrawal. This shall be done filling the specific form or filing any other explicit declaration with the decision to withdraw from the contract. This communication can be sent by e-mail and formalized by a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the address of the vendor.

When returning the goods with the right of withdrawal, the vendor will refund all payments made by the consumer, including all the delivery costs incurred, within 14 days of receiving the returned goods. The refund will be made using the same payment method adopted by the purchaser, unless the parties agree otherwise.

The consumer shall only be charged for the direct cost of returning the goods, in order to cover the costs of administration. In agreement with the purchaser, the vendor can arrange for the collection of the goods to be returned, and will inform the consumer about the relative burden and costs.

The vendor is is not required to reimburse the supplementary costs (delivery to the required floor, telephone notice, other supplements etc.), if the consumer has expressly opted for a type of delivery different from the cheapest one offered.

If the goods experienced a decrease in value due to their manipulation or events that are outside their normal use, the consumer shall be able to exercise the right of withdrawal in any case. The reimbursed amount will be assessed at the lower value as per the original state of the good, including the packaging.

If the consumer accepts the responsibility for organising the return of the good to the specified location, it is recommended that the transport is covered by insurance in order to compensate for any possible decrease in the value of the goods resulting from damage suffered during transit.